About Us

Hello and welcome to my store! My name is Lorene Ireland and I started Ireland Galleries on Nantucket Island. Art has always been my passion and in a super commercialized world, I strive to bring originality and handcrafted pieces to my audience. Being a single mother to three children instilled in me a drive for entrepreneurship and determination to provide for them. I thought, how can I do what I love most while juggling raising three children?

I started in San Diego, selling pieces of my art in trade shows and galleries. Soon, I had customers ask "Where can I get this/that?"

My interest in fine art began with my fascination in the mysteries of life.  I search to understand the world around me in its multiple layers of meaning, from the simple textures of ordinary objects to the complex textures of relationships between individuals.

I want to embrace the essence of art.  The play of light on earth, the translucence of skin, the inner spirit that gives character and beauty to each face; these are the true subjects of my art.  I search for a constant reminder of the female form to preserve the essence of style, grace and beauty.  I am intrigued by the early 1920’s and 1930’s where art and style seemed synonymous.

In my career as an artist I have explored many mediums and forms of self-expression, from the most abstract to the traditional. I have returned to sculpture as my main form of expression because it gives me more freedom to explore the human figure.

I am influenced by my teachers, especially my father, whose optimism and ability to always see the good in all things convinced me to become an artist and uncover the beauty in the world around me.

Our customers are our top priority and through our products we work hard towards building long-lasting and meaningful relations with them.